Project Management

Aerospace case : ITAR material

Regarding a European Air Force Army project, Multiparts provided global support to the customer (a leading supplier of systems + equipment in charge of helicopter optical filters procurement in order to manage ITAR license and international shipping. The main purpose of this request was to facilitate and coordinate material purchasing with the manufacturer and in obtaining State Department approval.

A specialized forwarder (Schenker) was directed by Multiparts to manage both customs and final delivery to the customer site.

Military Ground forces case : Chemical Product

Recently, a new European model of ground mobility vehicle was developed and designed. Multiparts was called for a solution to source a product for undercarriage protection. Because of new high speed performance requirements the manufacturer needed a recoating which could resist the high impact of sand and rocks. A polyurethane / polyruea solution was technically detailed and offered to the customer, in order to proceed with testing, prototypes and production.

Multiparts outlined the proposal to acquire the machine application and chemical itself and outlined the logistics to ship the material from the US to Europe.

Navy case : Customized motor

A high-tech company specialized in Naval and submarine systems requested Multiparts’ assistance for a stepping motor customized. During six months, a project management that involved the manufacturer, Multiparts and the customer, worked to validate and apply end-user specifications and modifications to a standard model.

Multiparts was instrumental in the logistical aspect by facilitating international documentation and reducing shipping costs

Space Industry case : Dichroic filters

Sourcing of US laboratory specialized in custom optics to provide dichroics filters for a giant telescope built in Chile. Multiparts was directed by the customer to be the intermediary (technically and commercially) between them and the manufacturer. Technical and commercial specifications offered by the US laboratory were presented to the customer, in accordance with the Public Global tender process.

Multiparts also provided a global and secured solution with a company specialized in shipping extreme fragile materials.