Multiparts provides optical equipment for Industrial, Military and Space applications.
The equipment and components provided can be used for communication, telecommunication or space application (Space Application Case: Dichroic Filters).

Requirement can be requested on demand for spot requirements and customized project by sourcing qualified optical manufacturers. Some of the companies registered in our database are part of the best American laboratories (labs) used by the US Government for high tech development.
Due to the fragility of optical components, a specialized freight solution with our different partners in the US is generally offered to customer. If necessary a worldwide freight solution can be suggested and managed by Multiparts.

Here is a list of components we’ve supplied to our customers in recent years:

  • Media glass projector
  • Fiber optic test probes
  • Optical cameras
  • Laser optics
  • Optical density set
  • Optical encoders
  • Fiber optic cables