Export Compliance

If necessary Multiparts is able to export materials from the USA/Canada to Europe and other parts of the World.

Most of materials purchased, are delivered at Multiparts’ facility in NY for inspection and consolidation.

I.Q.A.M (Identification Quantity Aspect Marking)

  • Sealed package delivered by shipping company
  • Physical inspection of the package
  • Inspection of the packing list
  • Inspection of the material to verify quantity, quality and appropriate   documentation
  • Receipt entry in Navision system
  • Invoicing by accounting
  • Packing by Multiparts in sturdy packaging
  • Creation of AES if values exceeds 2500$
  • Domestic or international shipments processed in UPS/FEDEX/ DHL/TNT software
  • Material shipment to customers
  • Weekly consolidation of small orders